Why should you partner with Y.E.S.? 

Youth Employment Services offers our employer sites a unique opportunity to support the youth of our community. If you are an employer looking for reasons to get involved, here are the Top 10 Reasons to Say "Yes" to YES: 

  1. Help grow the future workforce. 
  2. Provide a mentoring experience that benefits both the student and the adult. 
  3. Educate youth employees about your specific career field. 
  4. Gain positive public awareness for your business by partnering with both the City of Champaign and Champaign Unit 4 Schools. 
  5. Infuse your workplace with the energy and fresh ideas of your youth employee(s). 
  6. Contribute to the individual growth and development of your community's youth. 
  7. Add extra hands to ongoing projects. 
  8. Foster interest and passion for your career field with the next generation of employees. 
  9. Help shape a more successful and productive future for our community. 
  10. Assist in preparing your student employee(s) to meet their continuing education/career path goals. 

“This is an excellent opportunity to help our young adults and this will be something they will always remember.”

– Debbie Sage, Champaign Park District Human Relations Department

"I have been an employment site since the program started. This has been a great program for the students to learn to work in a real environment and to earn pay for their work. The staff has always been open to feedback and has been great to work with."

- Regina Parnell, Director of Family & Community Services for Regional Office of Education #9

“Kevin continues to demonstrate all of the qualities described in his previous assessment with increased skill, confidence and autonomy in his daily work. We are continually impressed by Kevin’s willingness to pick up a task and run with it. His continued spirit of enthusiasm and eagerness to learn are especially appreciated. We have thoroughly enjoyed having Kevin as a part of our team this summer and have great expectations for him in his future endeavors.”

– BLDD Architects