What is a Worksite Mentor? 

YES employers are called Worksite Mentors because their commitment goes beyond the regular employer-employee relationship. For the six weeks of our summer work program, our employers will become professional mentors to their student employee(s). 

The Importance of Mentoring

One of the most exciting aspects of this program is the commitment our employers make to mentoring their student employees. Our students benefit from having this added level of support and connection to professionals in their ideal career field. In turn, our employers benefit by seeing the positive ways in which their time and attention can impact their students' lives. 

Expectations of Worksite Mentors

Employers who partner with this program should recognize that their role goes deeper than supervising their student employee. Our worksite mentors should be prepared to provide the following: 

  • Insight into the world of work and career expectations 
  • Interest in working with students from diverse backgrounds, especially from backgrounds underrepresented in your career field
  • Comfort inviting and answering questions and modeling good listening skills
  • Enthusiasm for the efforts made by the student employees
  • Safe space to grow in the event that mistakes are made
  • Respect for the individual ways in which each person learns and comprehends instruction

Read through the other topics in the Toolkit for more information about the program and the role you will play.