What Are the Three Tiers of YES?

Youth Employment Services has developed three levels of participation for our students. The purpose is to ensure that each student receives the best possible match with an employer, and that all those involved receive the best possible overall experience. 

Explorer Tier

  • Entry-Level Tier
  • Ideal for first-time student employees and those who are under 16 years of age

YES Explorers are just starting to discover their skills and interests related to their future career goals. This tier will provide them with the extra guidance and support needed to prepare for their first work experiences. Explorers will benefit from matches with Worksite Mentors who can assist in this learning process and provide extra supervision in their daily work responsibilities. 

Navigator Tier

  • Our Mid-Level Tier
  • Ideal for students who have held at least one job in the past, and those that have a sense of what career field they want to pursue

YES Navigators are students who have a moderate level of comfort with workplace skills. They have experienced successful job placements in the past, and are now building upon their existing skill set. This tier will provide them with guidance and support based on their personal level of progress. Navigators will benefit from matches with Worksite Mentors who are able to provide moderate supervision while encouraging continued growth through an increase in daily responsibilities. 

Leaders Tier

  • Our Advanced Tier
  • Ideal for students who are nearing the end of their high school career and preparing to move on to college and/or the workforce
  • Also ideal for students age 16 and older

YES Leaders are confident in their career path and have already held more than one position in their field. This tier provides support that is geared toward ensuring the student leaves high school as well-equipped for their future endeavors as possible. Leaders would benefit from matches with Worksite Mentors who can provide solid networking tips and offer connections to the student's desired career field. They may also be returning matches who have already created a mentor connection with their Worksite Mentor over past summers. Worksite Mentors who supervise YES Leaders should be open to providing references for college and future job applications if needed.