Your Feedback Shapes the Future

As a Worksite Mentor, you will be asked to complete three evaluations over the course of the summer program. The feedback you provide on each of these occasions can have a major impact on the future of your student employee and the future of Youth Employment Services. 

Mid-Point Student Employee Evaluation

When the summer employment program hits its mid-point, your Worksite Coordinator will ask you to complete an evaluation for each student employee. These mid-point evaluations are vital to helping our students learn to correct bad habits or improve upon early efforts. The feedback will be shared with the student and the Worksite Coordinator so that plans can be adjusted or maintained as needed. Then the results will go into the students' files. 

Mid-Point Evaluations can be done electronically or in hard-copy format, but the student should receive a copy of their mid-point evaluation to assist in tracking progress over the remainder of the program. 

Final Student Employee Evaluation

At the conclusion of the summer program, your Worksite Coordinator will ask you to complete the same evaluation for your student to see how their work may or may not improve. The results of the final evaluation may be shared with your student employee before they complete their time with you. Otherwise, we will share the results with students during our Fall Check-Ins.

Worksite Coordinators will request the completed hard-copy evaluation, or you may complete the electronic version and send it directly to YES Supervisor, Mindy Smith. 

Program Evaluation

In addition to your Final Student Evaluation, we would welcome your feedback on your overall experience with YES. A form will be made available here with the option to submit anonymously. However, it is often helpful to know if there were site-specific issues that we can improve upon for the next year. Each student and every worksite are different and have unique experiences with the program. The more detail you can provide us, the more we will be able to make specific changes and improvements moving forward.