September Road Map

Fall is my favorite time of year: colorful trees, cooler air, all the best foods. And now SYEP is a part of it all! To kick off our brand new blog, I’m going to show and tell the five things I’m most excited about for this fall portion of our program. Ready? Here they come:

  1. Early Application Process! Never before has the program been able to do this. We will open an early application stage in late October for those students who are already certain they want to be in the program. We’ll have about a month before those are due in late November - right before Thanksgiving break. Early application students will be notified of their status at the start of Spring Semester. The regular application process will open in late January/early February 2017.
  2. More Time for Resume Workshops! In previous years, resume-building has been rushed and understaffed. Learning how to craft a resume is a critical leg of the journey toward meaningful work. The great thing about this fall is that we can start working with smaller groups so students are guaranteed a one-on-one coaching opportunity to build great resumes. Those who have done this in the past will be able to come and go quickly, working on updating and perfecting what they’ve already built. New students will have the chance to learn what makes a resume stand out, and what to include if you don’t yet have any work experience.
  3. Informational Sessions! This fall we’ll host informational sessions at our high schools  to introduce the program to students who aren’t yet familiar with it. Students who have participated in the past will be also be encouraged to attend as we will have helpful flyers on this year’s approach and expectations. It will be the best way to answer basic questions right up front while providing students with helpful planning tools if they want to learn more.
  4. Volunteering! This past summer we made volunteer events a priority for our student and adult participants. This year, we’ll continue that focus and work with various organizations - not only on events -but also on some informational seminars to touch on why volunteering is such a great way to get involved in your community. And we’ll also highlight how volunteering can be useful on your resume!  
  5. And last but not least: Relationship-building! I feel very fortunate that we’ll have this fall to get to know each other. I’m still relatively new in my role as Program Supervisor, so this is a critical time for me to get to know both students and employers. Building relationships is the best way to ensure we are meeting the needs and expectations of those we work with and for. I believe this will be a key part of making sure we have our strongest summer ever - the best matches, the most hours worked, and more students connecting to their dream careers.