Jeanine Russell, Program Supervisor

My name is Jeanine Russell, and I joined YES as the supervisor in November 2018. I have spent my career working in a variety of capacities for Americorps programs across the country. It is particularly exciting for me to bring these skills back to the area where I was born, raised, went to college, and still call home.

Prior to joining YES, I worked in Oregon as a Technical Advisor for the Pacific Crest Trail Association where I lead projects building and maintaining the Pacific Crest Trail. While I love hiking, camping, trail work, and the simplicity of life outdoors, my passion in the field was found working with volunteers and Americorps members, providing empowering experiences through trail work and living in the backcountry.

Working for YES is amazing in providing similar empowering experiences for high school students. My career has been illustrious, and I accredit this to solid foundational skills instilled early and often that gave me a sense of freedom to explore different careers. Now I am glad to help students start that journey confidently and well-informed as well.

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