This month's issue takes a look at balance. The concept of balance is especially relevant during this season. It's easy to get out of balance financially if you celebrate the holidays and go overboard bying gifts. Or if you (like me) have a problem buying too many decorations each year. You may lose some balance in your diet and health with all the extra holiday parties and family gatherings.

For many people next month will be all about presents, but this issue is for presence - a concept that is still quite fitting with holidays around the corner. There are so many difficult things demanding our time and attention, especially at the holidays, that it can be difficult to feel as though any one thing gets our best efforts.

I realize at first glance this title suggest an article from a teen magazine. But I assure you - it's not. Relationships are a critical element of the Summer Youth Employment Program, and this issue is dedicated to supporting that idea.

Thank you so much to everyone who helped make Summer 2016 a huge success! We have a complete thank you list at the end of this month’s newsletter, but we want to offer special recognition to Champaign Unit 4 Schools, the City of Champaign, and City of Champaign Township for their continued financial support of this program. All of our partners play a part in making sure we are successful each year, but we would not have a program without the incredible foundation they provide for us.